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Collaborate. Innovate. Succeed.

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The technology you choose must match the specifics of your environment, users, and business objectives. We consult with you to evaluate your communication needs, employee communication habits, frequently used tools, bandwidth requirements, and management priorities. We then recommend the most suitable solutions, the appropriate deployment model (on premises or hosted), and how to implement for maximum adoption and seamless interaction.

The assessment will cover the following areas:

  • Architecture and UC Network Overview:  We will diagram the your UC Network and Architecture to understand the your deployment strategy and identify possible cost savings and best practices opportunities.
  • Telco Bill Analysis: Analysis of Telco bill spend for all telephony related bills, including especially PSTN circuit spend.  Finding cost savings on the PSTN side is a speciality of ours and to date we have saved our clients easily in the millions per month collectively through this process.
  • UC and Collaboration Application Assessment:  Review UC&C applications to identify any possible issues and best practice opportunities.
  • UC&C Hardware Assessment:  Review all UC&C related hardware to ensure proper support, maintenance, and configuration best practices.
  • UC&C Network Assessment: Light network assessment to ensure proper QOS is configured and UC network best practices are adhered to.

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