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Monday, May 13, 9 AM ET

Wireless LAN Bootcamp

Discover why Juniper Networks is the leader in the 2023 Wired and Wireless LAN Gartner Magic Quadrant! Dive into the world of AI with Juniper at our full-day BootCamp, where you'll learn about Mist AI and how it can transform your network operations. The BootCamp will be hosted by CSPi Technology Solutions at their Deerfield Beach, Florida headquarters.

No matter where you are in your AI journey, this bootcamp is a must-attend experience. You'll explore how to automate every step of networking with Juniper, driven by Mist AI and a microservices cloud. From provisioning to deployment, you'll discover how AI-driven automated operations can improve IT work efficiency and deliver unparalleled user experiences.

Course Syllabus:

  • Module 1: Course Introductions
  • Module 2: Introduction to the Mist Management Cloud
  • Module 3: Mist Capabilities and Features
  • Module 4: Introduction to the Mist Cloud User Interface
  • Module 5: Creating and Managing Mist Accounts in the Mist Cloud
  • Module 6: Mist Initial Configuration
  • Module 7: Mist Wireless Assurance
  • Module 8: Mist Wired Assurance
  • Module 9: Mist Monitoring and Analytics
  • Module 10: Introduction to Marvis

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